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The Cliffs of Moher, 8km from Lisdoonvarna, Co.Clare   

Live Music at the Roadside Tavern and Burren Storehouse

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Lisdoonvarna's Roadside Tavern is the Perfect Match This St Patrick's Day 

To celebrate St Patrick’s Day, the Roadside Tavern Gastro Pub in Co. Clare will live stream a series of performances that have been especially curated by owner and master brewer Peter Curtin to mark Ireland’s national holiday. 

The diverse programme features local musicians and filmmakers and starts at 5pm with a personal welcome by Peter. The Roadside Tavern has been in the Curtin family for over 150 years and Peter is the third generation to carry the torch. He grew up working in the family business and was immersed in the traditional Irish music culture from an early age.  As a longstanding advocate for local talent, Peter is delighted to have an opportunity to support an industry which has been hit hard by the global pandemic. 

 “Since it opened in 1865, The Roadside Tavern has attracted talented musicians from all corners of the globe.  Visiting and in-residence musicians have included Micilín Conlon, Oliver Tennyson, Tommy Peoples, The Fureys, Ted Furey, Michael and Seamus Hynes, Micho Russell, Gussie Russell, Seán Tyrrell and many more,” said Peter Curtin. 

 “This is the first St Patrick’s Day in my living memory that won’t see the pub thronged with locals and tourists.  However, I am heartened that today’s technology means that I can do something to support struggling artists during this challenging time and that a worldwide audience can enjoy the ambiance of the Roadside Tavern from afar.” 

 The Roadside Tavern St Patrick’s Day festivities include film makers Kevin Hegarty and Lou Merkert with music by North Clare musicians Liam Kelly and Oisín Marsh, Michael Hynes and Johnny Conlon, Charles Monod and Adrian Lyons, Blackie O'Connell and Cyril O'Donoghue, Christy Barry of the Doolin Music House and James Devitt

Each performer will receive an appearance fee from the Roadside Tavern and viewers are welcome to make a voluntary donation online which will be shared amongst the group. 

For full performance details and to view the Facebook Live sessions log on to The Roadside Tavern Facebook page




Traditional Music


The Roadside Tavern is a legendary venue for Irish music. Music has been played at the Roadside for well over a hundred years. One well-known North Clare player Mickaleen Conlon played here for all of 57 years.

Many well-known names have entertained the patrons of the Roadside down through the years to the present. They include Christy Moore, Davy Spillane, Tommy Peoples, the Fureys, Paul Dooley, Seán Tyrrell, Christy Barry, Micko Russell, Micilín Conlon, Sharon Shannon and many, many more. It has a particular draw for the musicians of the region; at its summer peak, there is live music seven nights a week.  Young and old come by to listen, play and sing. The style and standard of the music is top class, so along with the laid-back old world atmosphere it leads to a unique and lively night out.

Traditional Music, Ballads, Song Clubs, Poetry and Séan-nos dancing at the Roadside Tavern. One never knows who might just drop by to join in on the music and the craic.

Traditional music will be played every Friday and Saturday night in winter, and every night in summer.

The admission to most events is free.


Upcoming gigs at the ROCKside Tavern:

See more under The Burren Storehouse

Micilín Conlon weekend

Coming up again at the end of October - and many more great gigs in the lead-up to the bank holiday weekend. ALL FREE!

Party time featuring Pigeons on the Gate
Saturday 12th October 9pm - Burren Storehouse

The Busquitos
Wednesday 23rd October 9pm - Roadside Tavern

David Lyttle
Thursday 24th October 9pm - Roadside Tavern

Micilín Conlon Weekend

25th to 27th October
A feast of trad day & night - Michael Hynes, Johnny Conlon, Bobby Gardiner, Seamus Hynes, Christy Barry, James Fevitt, Belfast Brigade and more

Swedish piano player Bengt Olrog will sprinkle some Viking magic into the mix over the weekend!




Previous gigs at the Roadside Tavern:

Micilin Conlon Weekend at the Roadside Tavern

A Celebration of the Music and Life of MICILIN CONLON
at the Roadside Tavern!

This coming weekend, many musicians will congregate in the Roadside Tavern to showcase their talent in honour of Micilín, a wonderful local musician who used to play in our pub.

The opening session is on Friday night and ends on Sunday night - all musicians welcome to join in, the more the merrier!

Fri 26th October 9pm -
Bobby Gardiner (accordion) and Seamus Hynes (flute)

Sat 27th October 4pm -
Rebecca Collin (banjo), Adrian McMahon (flute) and Peadar Reilly (whistle)

9pm -
Bobby Gardiner (accordion), Adrian Lyons (flute) and Charles Monod (concertina)

Sun 28th October 4pm -
Michael Hynes (flute) and Johnny Conlon (accordion)

9pm -
Paul Dooley (harp) and Terry Bingham (conertina)



Delayaman at Roadside Tavern


Monday 8th October 2018 at 9pm

Free gig to sweeten the beginning of a new week - great music with these musicians is guaranteed! 

Listen to their music on Youtube.






The First Annual Irish Old time Appalachian Music Gatthering at the Roadside TavernThe First Annual Irish Old Time Appalachian Music Gathering

16 to 18 February 2018

We are very excited to announce the First Irish Old Time Gathering convening on 16-18 February 2018, with the intention of bringing together Appalachian music enthusiasts from across Ireland, and also welcoming experienced old-time musicians from the US and UK.

Just as in the Appalachian music tradition in the US, this will be a gathering of musicians rather than a festival with paid performers. The core activity will be jam sessions, with musicians from across the country meeting up to play and swap tunes. 

In addition, we expect to have a number of visiting musicians from the US and UK, veterans of the Old Time scene, able to share their experience. One of our organizers, Bob Denton, who grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains playing traditional musc, won first place in the banjo competition at the National Old Time Fiddle Contest and Festival in Weiser, Idaho in 2016. He has also won ribbons at the Galax and Union Grove fiddlers conventions.

There will be workshops available for those who wish to brush up their fiddle and banjo repertoire, or learn some dance steps. On Saturday evening there will be a barn dance with a caller.

As is the customs with these festivals, there is no programme set in stone - we go with the flow and preferences of the participants.  We  are  also  allowing  for  some  folks  who  may  just  want  to  play  music, and others that may also want to brush up their skills and repertoire.

As a rough outline, this is what we have in mind:

Friday evening (7pm to midnight)
Warm-up jam sessions. Join as you arrive, meet up with friends or make new ones.

Saturday (up to 6pm)
Jams  can  start  up  in  a  number  of  locations  in  and  around  the  Roadside  Tavern,  depending  on  numbers and preferences.

Workshops   will   be   offered   on   fiddle   and   banjo.   (We   may   add   workshops   on   mandolin   and   guitar accompaniment if there is demand.) A small charge will be made for attending these.

Saturday Evening
in Burren  Storehouse,  next  to  the  Roadside  Tavern. Free  to registered  participants. 

•Dan Levenson – talk and performance (19.00) by this renowned master of OT music

8pm to 10pm
• Barn Dance
• Jam sessions to follow

Sunday morning 10.30am to 1pm 
• Jam sessions
• We may have a dance workshop, depending on demand

Sunday afternoon 
More sessions!

The main venues will be the Roadside Tavern and the adjoining Burren Storehouse, located just off the main street in Lisdoonvarna. 

The cost for the weekend is just €15 euros per participant, or €10 for those registering by 15 January 2018. The cost of workshops to be announced. Non-participants may attend the barn-dance and listen to jam sessions for €10 on Saturday night (from 8pm).

Registration, audio examples and more info can be found on the Irish Old time website and on Facebook.


Watch a short documentary about the roots of Old Time Appalachian Music and listen to some soundbites.


Jenny Mitchell at Roadside Tavern

Jenny Mitchell
Friday 15th December 2017 

Jenny Mitchell with her beautiful voice and songs will be playing in the Roadside Tavern - coming all the way from New Zealand!

Jenny is a folk-country singer/songwriter from Gore, NZ. Her passion has been performing & songwriting since she was very young & she recorded her debut album in December 2014.

Listen to her here:








Micilin Conlon festival at the Roadside Tavern

Micilín Conlan
Festival Weekend

27th to 29th October 2017

- open sessions, all musicians welcome -

Friday 27 October:
Bobby Gardiner (accordion)
Christy Barry (flute)
James Devitt (fiddle)
Pat Dowling (guitar)

Saturday 28 October:
Peadar O'Reilly & A Bunch of Lads
Bobby Gardiner (accordion)
Paul Dooley (harp)
Terry Bingham (concertina)

Sunday 29 October:
Michael Hynes (flute)
Johnny Conlon (accordion)
Pat Marsh & A Bunch of Lads



Father Ted Festival 2017

Friday 28 April to Sunday 30 April 2017

For the first time ever, the (in)famous Father Ted Festival will be held in the Burren Storehouse!

Open to all Father Teds, Father Dougal McGuires, Mrs Doyles and generally Craggy Island fans are the
following happenings in the evening:

Friday 28th April
9.30pm - Music with the Spinmaster and Father Ted related quiz questions
Admission free

Saturday 29th April
6pm - Matchmaking with Willie Daly, Ireland’s only matchmaker (free admission)
8pm - All Priests and Nuns Karaoke and Fancy Dress contest (*)
10pm - Lovely Girls contest followed by DJ till late (contestants welcome!) (*)

(*) Admission: Events from 8pm €10 on the door

Sunday 30th April
6pm - Matchmaking with Willie Daly, Ireland’s only matchmaker
9pm - Golden Cleric Awards and Talent Contest
10pm - Live music with the Hairy Babies
Admission free




Roadburren Fleadh

6 May 2017
from 6pm to 1am

One day only - lots of acts in the Burren Storehouse - not to be missed!

Read what the Irish Times has to say about the festival!

Confirmed so far are

Abaddon Incarnate - ate

Deathness Injection - ction

From The Bogs Of Aughiska - aughiska

Oíche Samhain - reland

Unkindness of Ravens - avensband

zhOra -

RoadBurren Fleadh - Ireland’s first festival for dark and heavy music in County Clare - returns for its second year and promises to bring some of the country’s most interesting heavy and experimental artists to Lisdoonvarna on May 6th 2017.

The event offers something completely unique to any other music festival in the country and is set in the tragically beautiful heart of the West of Ireland in County Clare.The Burren’s harsh, karst and almost lunar landscape and unique peculiarity is an apt metaphor for much of the music on offer at RoadBurren 2017, where darkness and avant-garde heavy music is the theme.

This year’s event will be headlined by ABADDON INCARNATE - the Irish death grind legends from Dublin have released several albums and have toured extensively worldwide and were the first extreme Irish metal band to ever play in Ecuador, Colombia and Peru.

FROM THE BOGS OF AUGHISKA are a truly unique band who deliver a gloomy take on dark ambient mixed with traditional black metal which is taking inspiration from Ireland's bleak environment and its rich history and culture, including the rough landscape of the Burren. Since their critically acclaimed debut album in 2010, FTBOA have shared stages with the likes of Anaal Nathrakh, Arcturus, Dragged Into Sunlight, Ulver, Wardruna to name a few and are currently working on album number 3.

Also on the bill are progressive sludge outfit ZHORA who are hailing from South Tipperary; UNKINDNESS OF RAVENS who play haunting, melancholic music that is an esoteric mix of darkness, hope, psychedelia and the occult; DEATHNESS INJECTION a dark experimental two-piece group from Dublin and OICHE SAMHAIN, a Cork based dark atmospheric band that embrace folk culture will be completing the festival line up.

The event is on sale now, tickets and a special festival T-shirt bundle can be purchased via Paypal from [email protected] (please use 'Friends and Family' option to avoid extra charges).

Early bird ticket €10

Early bird ticket and Festival T-shirt bundle €25

Tickets €12 at the door




Thursday 13 April 2017
at 8pm
at the Burren Storehouse

North Clare Sinn Féin present the first ever screening in Clare of the acclaimed documentary film "Bobby Sands 66 Days". This film is being premiered at the Burren Storehouse Lisdoonvarna, Co. Clare on Thursday April 13th. It will be introduced by guest speaker Cllr. Malachy McCreesh starting at 8pm sharp. There will be music after by 'A Gramola Band' traditional musicians from Galicia in the Roadside Tavern. All Welcome!! - The film is followed by live music by A Gramola (see below) in the Roadside Tavern next door!




Thursday 13 April 2017
at 9pm
at the Roadside Tavern


A Gramola

On their "The Reel Galicia" Irish tour, the members of the
A Gramola band from Santiago de Compostela in the
north of Spain are coming to the Roadside Tavern!

They will bring with them beautiful folk music from Galicia
and Asturia. You don't want to miss this gig!

Venue: Roadside Tavern
Admission free.



Click here for an archive of previous gigs.

Monday 8th October 2018 at 9pm

Free gig to sweeten the beginning of a new week - great music with these musicians is guaranteed! 

Listen to their music on Youtube.